X-ray film viewer standard series

X-ray film viewer standard series Cablas

X-ray film viewer standard series

  • Stove enamelled steel structure thickness 0,8 mm;
  • Fire epoxy painting colour peel  RAL 9010, upon structure cleaning treatment;
  • Smelted opaline acrylic screen thickness 3 mm inserted into the structure;
  • Neon tubes of 6.000°Kelvin (other type of tubes available on request);
  • Upper and/or central pressing rolls film holding system;
  • Bipolar switches  on the front (on request is possible apply other type of switches and their position);
  • External fuses lagging type 5×20 (positioned on the bottom right side);
  • Feeding cable complete with plug and earth “Italian” type 180 long (other type of plugs on request);
  • Arranged for wall mounting installation through expansion dowels;
  • Integrable with other optional devices like: lateral support for spot viewers and/or magnifying lens, trolley on wheels, light intensity regulator.
  • X-ray film viewer conforms to Directive 93/42/CEE  – Medical Devices  – Class 1

Moreover meets the  Directive  73/23 CEE (Low tension) 89/336 CEE (Electromagnetic compatibility).

Construction conforms to Norms  EN 60601 -1,2 / Din 6856 -1,2;

  • Feeding 230V / 50Hz + earth;
  • Maintenance: recurrent cleaning (each 6 months) of the whole screen;


Product Code Code Description
M-NV-010SIZE 30 X 90
M-NV-020SIZE 60 X 90
M-NV-030SIZE 60 X 120