Metal detector

High sensitivity, small size scanner / detector, allows fast and accurate detection of metal objects. Ideal for in-depth checks on people, luggage interiors, parcels in the field of security and for the location of metal objects inside walls in the field of building renovations. The detection is signaled by an acoustic and visual warning with

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Tanks of development manual thermoregulated

  Tanks of development manual thermoregulated Constituted PVC antacid, complete with removable containers with lid for developing and fixing. Fixed compartment for washing Intermediate and final Faucets antacid The heating of the area development takes place through the use of heating elements and temperature controlled; termoregolaziobne is controlled by the electrical control panel equipped with

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Vaschetta Tipo A

Tanks of development manual

Tanks of development manual. Constituted PVC antacid, complete with removable lid for developing, fixing. Faucets antacid. KIT DEVELOPMENT FOR FRAMES INCLUSED: 2 20 lt containers with drain cock 1 30 lt containers with drain cock. 1 Tank for containing liquid drain containers 5 M rubber tube flexible. DIMENSION CM 50x60x62 – WEIGHT: 22 Kg ALFA 4 INCLUSED:

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Day film

Day film: Inactinic container for manual day film light treatment of endoral x–ray films up to size cm 5 x7; Construction made of anti-acid material; Proveded with: N° 3 tanks for developing/fixing/washing with cover N° 1 support with tweezers  


Dryer: Allows simultaneous drying of industrial X-ray films and developed manually, arranged in special frames up to 15 units; Construction in stainless steel, stove enamelled; Complete with thermostat for the temperature regulation; Timer for automatic interruption of operation and internal supports in stainless steel holder adapted to support 15 frames film; Forced ventilation from the

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Antidiffusion x-ray grids: This kind of x-ray grids support professional doctors to make accurate diagnosis improving the contrast of the image, absorbing scattered x-ray and maintaining an optimal transmission of primary radiation: A Contrast: The antidiffusion x-ray grids are produced using products of high purity B Ingredients: The x-ray grids use lead and aluminium of

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