Medical radiology field

Our company, founded on year 1982, has asserted itself in all the national and international market for the production and selling of accessories and protection devices in the sector of medical radiology, dental, veterinary, industrial, nuclear and for magnetic resonance.

Our catalogue offers wide range of radiological products and accessories for darkroom and development, articles that are mainly produced by us: manual developing tank units of x-ray films – automatic x-ray film processors – x-ray films, chemicals for developing – intensifying screens – anti-diffusion grids – loading and storage tables – passe-cassettes – id photo-marker for patient identification data – illuminators for traditional films reading, wall recessed illuminators, mammography illuminators with blinds, rotating and slim models.

We offer a wide range of devices for individual protection either for radiology operators or for the patients who are subject of radiographic examinations: aprons, gloves, collars, goggles, mobile, fix and hanging shielding.

A large part of our activity is the supply and eventually the placing and mounting of anti-x shieldings for environment: panels, cabinets, wing and sliding doors, motorized doors; x-ray windows composed by special lead glasses.

We realize radiological rooms in hospitals, nursing home and medical surgeries, in conformity to the main directives in security and quality matter and CEE directives.

Cablas assures an adequate pre and post-sale service thanks to the high professionalism and experience of its operators.