Data X- RAY WING DOORS: Made of hard wood box panels with lead, title 99.9 %, calibrated and brushed; Coating by plastic laminate on both sedes; Jambs in wood leaded Granting a continuos shielding with wall panels; Equipped by handles, strong hinges and finishing; Standard shielding with Pb mm 2; Contact Us for More Information


Made of hardwood tambourine bearing structure with interlaced 1 melted lead laminate, titled 99.9%, calibrated and brushed. – For control zone or trampling; – Plastic laminate coating on both sides, white color; – Other colors on request; – Complete with fixing material and aluminum finishing covers; – Dimensions of panels cm 50 x 220h; –

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Ante Piombate Scorrevoli 2 Cablas

Anti-x Sliding Panels

Sheet Anti-X Sliding Panels Ante scorrevoli costruite in legno con interposta lamina di piombo di prima fusione titolo 99,9% calibrata e spazzolata; Bordature perimetrali rivestite con profili in alluminio estruso; Rivestimento in laminato plastico colore a scelta; Spessore totale delle ante mm 11; Corredate di struttura di sostegno, binari con carrelli di scorrimento e mantovana.

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Anti X-Ray Leaded Glasses

Our Leaded Glasses provides high-quality, transparent and safe protective shielding against X-ray radiation for medical, technical, and research applications. Its high lead and barium content, and wide thickness range, provides optimum shielding against radiation from equipment operating in the 80 to 300 kV range. Product features Dimensions Our Leaded Glass is supplied as polished plates

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