• Limited Antiradiation Protection Glove, natural rubber latex with lead oxide.
  • The sterile gloves are ideal where the user is exposed to ionizing radiations, like during the following types of procedures.
  • The latex based compound and the flexed fingers anatomic shape ensure to the gloves the softness, elasticity, comfort and dexterity typical of the surgical gloves.
  • These gloves are Personal Protection Equipments (PPE). Each glove is stamped with the EC marking, since it complies with the prescriptions of EEC Directive 89/686 (and further amendments) in relation to Personal Protection Equipment, acknowledged with L.D No. 475, Dec.4, 1992

Furthermore, the gloves meet the requirements of the following European technical standards: – EN 420/03 (Dexterity)

– EN 421/94 (Protection against ionizing radiations and radioactive contamination);

– EN 374/03 (Protection against chemicals);


  • Due to the presence of natural rubber latex and lead oxide,the gloves have undergone the tests oncutaneous irritation , allergic sinsitisation and proteins content with the following results:

Cutaneous Irritation 0 = No erythema/edema

4 = Severe erythema/edema

Index: 0.0

Allergic sensitisation 0 = No erythema/edema

4 = Severe erythema/edema

Index: 0.0

Proteins residuals Modified Lowry < 50 μg/gm.

  • Sterilization: Ethilene Oxide.
  • Resterilization: By Ethilene oxide (3 times).
  • The gloves described above contains lead oxide, and therefore can be disposed of only by contacting the appropriate hazardous waste disposal company in the area of ​​competence.

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Product Code Code Description
O-GU-219LEGGERO 0,22 ± 0,02 mm PB MM 0,016 45% 35% 26% 23%
O-GU-220MEDIO 0,30 ± 0,02 mm PB MM 0,020 55% 43% 35% 31%
O-GU-221PESANTE 0,60 ± 0,02 mm PB MM 0,032 81% 69% 62% 59%