Intensifyng screen rare earth blue / green – green gradual


The intensifying screens are compatible with all conventional x-ray films and are destined to improve the quality of overall rx image.

Our range of screens is suitable for all type of x-ray cassettes.

Every screen provides high contrasts, details perception, even with low rx  radiation dosage.


Product Code Code Description
H-AS-0113 X 18
H-AS-0218 x 24
H-AS-0324 x 30
H-AS-0418 x 43
H-AS-0530 x 40
H-AS-0635 x 35
H-AS-0735 x 43
H-AS-0815 x 30
H-AS-0915 x 40
H-AS-1020 x 40
H-AS-1230 x 90
H-AS-1330 x 120